Factory Add:

NO.2,Yudong Road 2,YangDong County,Yangjiang City Guangdong,China

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 No. 51,  HuaQiao New Village Five Road , Shiwan North Road, Yangjiang City Guangdong,China

TEL:+86- 662 2898889

FAX:+86- 662 2898882



About Sales:


Sara Yee


About Designer:


Lankee Mok



                                                            Helloknife 版權管理小組 


          本公司所有產品均已獲取歐盟/美國/澳洲/等國家的專利保護版權,並由helloknife ltd的海外當地代理進行版權管理,他們有權行使控告侵權行為,懇請閣下切勿以身試法,如閣下確實認同本司設計並有誠意合作者請與Lankee設計師聯繫,設計費用低微,無需勿因一念之差淪為盜賊而煩惱。


                                                              Helloknife 版權管理小組 


Letter to international counterparts:

All products of our company have been issued with the patent by the EU ,  U.S. , Australia , etc. The local oversea agents of the Helloknife ltd also take charge of the copyright management and are able to initiate legal proceedings, If you are interested in the design of our Company and willing to cooperate with us in good faith, please contact the designer of our company, the cost is low without the risk of infringement

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